At the heart of Irish telecoms

Speed Fibre Group is an Irish investment vehicle focused on telecoms infrastructure as well as communications service provision.

Speed Fibre Group owns entities with a combined annual turnover in excess of €76M, with more than 200 staff and over 11,000 customers. In addition, it boasts over 1 million people benefiting from wholesale networks - including mobile phone users, students, residential broadband users, public sector workers and staff in multinational organisations.

About Enet

Enet is Ireland's largest, open access network provider and their high capacity fibre and wireless networks makes it easier and more cost-effective for service providers, to deliver and support world-class broadband services to homes and businesses across Ireland.

About Magnet+

Magnet Plus operates Ireland’s largest connectivity network and is the only provider to grant one-stop access to all business options offered by every major network operator in Ireland.


Speed Fibre Group has announced the acquisition of Magnet Networks from Columbia Ventures Corporation (CVC).